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I’ve experienced where ɫapp has participated in finding me the right doctor to meet my health care needs. They have taken the extra step to ensure that I got care from health care providers in the network.

- Jahmal Dyer, Goddard Catering Group STT Corp.

We switched to ɫapp for our employees’ health coverage last year, and we are glad we did. ɫapp does a great job following up, explaining our benefits, and conducting enrollment meetings for our employees. Service makes all the difference, and ɫapp’s level of service is one of the many things that sets them apart. We couldn’t be happier.

- Keisha L. Richards, CEO, St. Thomas Federal Credit Union

I’ve had the pleasure of working with ɫapp since our partnership began. Frankly, things could not have gone much better. ɫapp is a very stable, dependable, and reliable partner with a professional, prompt, and courteous staff. Aetna made the right decision partnering with ɫapp.

- Noam Baruch, Head of Passport to Healthcare, Aetna International

The [Sea Chest Ace Health Fair] was truly a great effort at helping our employees understand the importance of prevention and testing in the management of their healthcare. We appreciate ɫapp’s initiative and thank you!! We do believe that our staff appreciated this event.

- Yanick Bayard, President – Managing Director, Sea Chest ACE
Excellent customer service is the number one job at ɫapp and not just for the customer service team! It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back. Without you, there is no company!
- Omar Andres Haedo, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

We have had a great experience with ɫapp. The level of customer service and overall satisfaction we receive from ELAN is world-class. We help people sleep better and ɫapp helps us! When I have questions or concerns, they are always answered by a person or a prompt email. I will gladly tell everyone about ELAN and would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering changing health coverage companies.

- Valerie Robinson, VI Neurological Group Inc

ɫapp is the most efficient and prompt benefits company that we work with on a daily basis. When calling ɫapp for benefit information; your phone call is answered promptly by one of the friendly and knowledgeable staff members. Verification of benefits is quickly determined in just a few minutes without being routed toautomated services and waiting on hold for a very long time. Also, the formula for coverage is so simple and easy for the patients to understand.

- Judy White, VI Dental Center

ɫapp’s customer service consistently goes above and beyond for my family.

- Ehren Henderson, Slipstream Charters

We made the best decision by switching to ɫapp. We are very ecstatic to be a new client.

- Lisa and Marcust, Colormax

It is my pleasure to write regarding two hero’s of your organization. Pat Thomas and Deborah Storey. These professionals provided an extraordinary level of assistance navigating the perils of securing care for Roosevelt Morton.

As a healthcare provider myself I was so impressed with the professional performance, knowledgeable and calming presence of Pat and Deborah in an extremely challenging situation.

My brother-in-law Roosevelt presented with a cancer diagnosis last year. We thought we had his care organized when at the last moments the provider pulled out. Pat and Deborah were with us every step of the stressful months it took to finally get surgery for Roosevelt.

I am happy to report Roosevelt is recovering nicely.Without the high level of personalized support from Pat Thomas and Deborah Storey, I have no idea what would have happened.

I encourage you to recognize the superior services provided by Pat and Deborah.

- Liz Morton
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Our future growth relies on competitiveness and innovation, skills and productivity... and these, in turn, rely on listening and adapting to our customer's needs and educating our people.

ɫapp works hard to insure our employees and their families get the best care. Their staff is always available, friendly and extremely helpful! We were very excited to learn about them and join their growing list of happy clients!

- Stephanie Schlueter, Quality Food St Croix

We at Rhumb Lines have been thrilled with the level
of service we have received from not only ELAN as a company, but from our on-island representative and also the customer service team. If we need any questions answered regarding our health plan, we are only greeted with respect and a willingness to help. We highly recommend ELAN for health services in the Virgin Islands.

- Amanda Arquit, Rhumb Lines

I would like to congratulate ɫapp on the speed of their response to claims. No other local insurance company responds as rapidly or efficiently. Their willingness to promptly assist in claim processing is very commendable.

- Craig Friedenberg, Owner, Island Eye Care

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the ɫapp Insurance Team really stepped up delivering $9M in medicine plus another $ I M in generators and other supplies. In a time of our Islands greatest need, ɫapp was there.

- John Lyon, CEO & President, World Hope International
We have an outstanding collaborative relationship with ɫapp, in fact, they tell us that no one works harder than HealthSmart to get to “yes.” That’s a reflection of the great ideas, innovative solutions and creative growth strategies we have seen from them, and HealthSmart is proud to support and partner with ɫapp.
- Phil Christianson, CEO, HealthSmart

With benefits being as complicated as it is. It’s great to work with ɫapp.

- Lauren Thomas, Rock Consulting, Inc.

The provider website is user friendly!

- Yolanda Pena, Comprehensive Care Specialists

I also can’t say enough about ɫapp’s local service. It’s not only things such as the recent Health Fair, but their employees are always available to answer any questions, and they pop in often to see how things are going. To top it off, the transparency ɫapp brings to the process is truly refreshing. We are glad we moved to ɫapp.

- Pia Brunt, Chief Financial Officer, MSI Building Supplies

Every day is a good day with ɫapp at our side.

- Sandra Laplace, Cardow Jewelers