ɫapp RE

ɫapp RE

With ɫapp RE, you are covered!

Reinsurance coverage to protect your health plan from catastrophic claims.

What is Reinsurance?

Reinsurance is insurance that an insurance company or self-insured business purchases to insulate itself from the risk of the event of a major claim. With reinsurance, the company passes on some part of its own insurance liabilities to the reinsurance company.

Fully insured premiums cover claims, reserves, taxes, insurance carrier profits, and more. And even when you have fewer claims than expected, your carrier keeps all your money. But if your claims are higher, you get a huge renewal increase. You can’t win.

When you self-insure, you pay employee claims directly. You cover your costs—not your carrier’s needs. And you save. But self-insurance must be done right. If you go it alone, you take on the risk of having to pay ongoing and catastrophic claims.